18 November 2007

A New Logo

The above logo is an image of the first known plan of a city. It was found in Çatalhöyük, a prehistoric archeological site located near Koyna, Türkiye. I thought that it was appropriate since I presently reside in Türkiye.

For more information about this unique finding click on the above link. The official link for the archelogical dig can be found at: http://www.catalhoyuk.com/

03 November 2007


The Organizing Committee of the ICGIS2008 has extended the deadline for the submittal of abstracts to 15 November 2007 to allow for more people to participate.

The ICGIS-2008 will create a forum where developments and innovations in GIS will be discussed and shared among many participants from around the world. The upcoming conference will rotate around three themes: “New Dimensions in GIS and Education”; “Rethinking Spatial Analysis: Theoretical and Conceptual Developments in GIS”, and “New Approaches to the Use of GIS: Applications”.

The ICGIS-2008 will combine various activities to meet the needs and expertise of participants from both private and public sectors. Panel sessions, paper and poster presentations, exhibition, courses, GIS project competition, special workshops, and ‘GIS for Teachers’ promise to bring together hundreds of people creating a vibrant venue to network and examine the latest technology and services in GIS offered by different institutions. With the transition of the conference from a national to an international one, the paper presentations will be in English and Turkish with simultaneous translations, but the proceedings of the ICGIS-2008 will only be in English. A limited number of papers will be selected and published in a special volume of the International Journal of Spatial Technologies, a new refereed journal to be published by Fatih University.