19 November 2009

Curitiba, Brazil

The concepts implemented in Curitiba are in alignment with my own on chaotic/complex and relational planning. As stated in my article and book chapter on this subject, a key element in bringing about change in a urban environment is a leader or shaman/urban planner who gives the vision for the city. Without Jaime Lerner,a one-time Mayor of Curitiba and urban planner, it would have developed in the same manner as other cities in Brazil. Go to the following link to learn some more about Mr. Leaner and his predecessor (who is coninuing and expanding Learner's vision) at http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/fellows/brazil1203/master-plan.html

There are several videos and books or book chapters related to Curitiba. If you click on the title for this blog segment, you will be directed to a video on YouTube on Curitiba. The most comprehensive book on this subject is Urban Brazil: Visions, Afflictions, and Governance Lessons by Dr. Ivani Vassoler-Froelich (Cambria Press).
A special volume of Urbana (http://www.tamuk.edu/geo/Urbana/ ) devoted entirely to Curitiba is planned in 2010. It will include invited authors, but the editorial board would also welcome manuscripts from others concerning the urban planning and policy of Curitiba.

12 November 2009

New Blog: The Urban Flaneur Guidebook

I have decided to start up a new blog for the exploration of urbanism in all its forms-The Urban Flaneur Guidebook (click on link above). The Urbanism Blog of Dr. Michael A. McAdams, will return to be more academic. While, the new blog will look at the urban environmnet through the eyes of a flaneur. What is a flaneur (o en Francais, flâneur)? A flaneur is one who wanders around with no apparent purpose observing her/his urban environment. It joins the rank of several urban flaneur blogs. My blog will atempt to link/review some the blogs as it relates to this new one, bring in new presectives through this broad perspective of urbanism, and cultivate/define/develop the concept of the urban flaneur. The wonderful thing is tha anybody can be an urban flaneur. You may already be an urban flaneur, but didn't know what to call yourself. Now, you can sound sophisiticated and join the ranks of this eclectic group.

In addition, the "A Farewell to Istanbul" series on this blog will be permentaly housed in this blog.

I hope that you will find this an enjoyable blog to read. I also welcome contributions and comments for this new blog. If you like the blog, please tell you friends about it