22 February 2006

The Global Network is not an Equally Connected One

It would be naive to state that all people and all places are equally ‘plugged’ into the global network. The richer nations are more connected to this network than the poorer nations. Some cities in the world also possess greater communication access and speed than other cities. Technology is creating another layer of the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots among countries. It could be redirected to assist in improving the status of ecnomically struggling economies.

Could developing nations accelerate their level of economic development by increasing their global connectivity? Instead of giving nations economic aid for expensive capital improvement projects should national and international agencies be giving them computers, setting up Internet providors, developing networks and helping them to increase their levels of computer literacy? Can greater connection to the global communication network allow developing regions to ‘by-pass’ the traditional obstacles in development? These arguments may be somewhat simple and obviously giving developing countries greater access to the global communication network is not a panacea. I would welcome any comments.

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