18 August 2007

Urban Fractal Analysis

Fractal analysis combined with GIS offers tools to examine in a quantatative manner the development of the physical structure of cities. By clicking on the above link, you can download a paper that I presented at GEOMED 2007, which was held in Kemer, Turkey in June 2007, concerning the use of fractal analysis to examine Istanbul's urban structure. I am presently working on a new paper based on some of the ideas that were presented in this paper. Any comments on this paper or general comments about fractal analysis as it is being used in urban analysis would be welcome.

While developing an upper level course for undergraduates concerning Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) and GIS for the Fall 2007 semester, I have started to think about about the linkages between ABM and fractal analysis. However, my thoughts on this area are still in the formation stage. It is anticipated that in a later blog and paper, I can futher expand my ideas. Again, any comments on this area are welcomed.

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