29 October 2007

Abstract for Upcoming ICGIS2008 Conference

I have prepared the following abstract for the upcoming ICGIG conference, whose link is listed above. I would appreciate any thoughts or references on the topic of GIS-T and Agent-Based Modeing.

The Potential of the Use of Agent-Based Modeling in Geographic Informaiton Systems in Transportation (GIS-T)

As the processing capabiltiy of computers is expanding, non-lineal mathmatical theory (i.e., chaos theory) and advanced programming is developing , the modeling of dymamic spatial processes within Georaphic Information Systems is rapidly advancing in the Geographic Infromation Science community. One of the most dynamic spatial processes is transportation-related phenomena, be it the symbiotic relationship between land-use and transportation, emergency evacuation, traffic, or forecasting travel demand. Agent-based modeling (ABM) is promsising to be a much more effective vehicle to simulate and model the dynamics of transportation than traditional mechanistic and traditional modeling techniques. The intention of this paper is to discuss the advantages of ABM in modeling the dynamic elements of transportation as compared to traditional modeling techniques, present example applications of ABM to transportation and to suggest how ABM could be evolved further to become a robust tool in GIS and the modeling of its dynamic processes.

Keywords: GIS-T, Agent-Based Modelng, dynamic GIS, spatial modeling

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