17 January 2010

The Embedded Mind: A Footnote

The above video is that of the Third Movement of the Second Piano Concerto by Beethoven preformed by well-known pianist Claudio Abbado with the conductor Mikhail Pletnev. The date and location is unknown How does the embedded mind go from the implanted RAM to produce music such as this that transcends one to another level of consciousness? Yet, the embedded mind in humans can cause war, destruction, poverty, murder, and despair. It can emerge in an individual such as the Dalia Lama to bring messages of hope, joy and laughter for mankind and likewise manifest itself in scores of horrific individuals such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and others whose primary purpose to plunge whole societies into collective destruction. Attempting to uncover the reasons is an exercise in futility. To prevent such individuals from taking over the collective consciousness of whole societies is a worthy idealistic goal that should never be relinquished. In the present we must revel in the sublime creations of those such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and others to remind ourselves that we can rise above the mundane to great heights.

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