17 November 2010

Shrinking Cities International Research Network

The global connection of cities is becoming increasingly obvious. Cities exist on multiple scales: local, national and globally. This ties in directly with the theory of networked complexity of cities/urbanized areas. The problem lies with the rapidity of economic, environmental and demographic changes (as in the case of the global financial crisis) and the ability of cities to respond.

Many institutes and organizations are grappling with these issues. An example of one such organization is The Shrinking Cities International Research Network (http://www.shrinkingcities.org/)) an internationally linked organization based in Berkley, California, USA. It contains some interesting articles and some information about conferences addressing the shrinking city. However, the site appears to be not updated as frequently as would be desired (there are no conferences mentioned for 2011) and the databases promised are not present, which would greatly enhance the website usefulness for researchers.

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