25 November 2010

The Suburbs are the New Slums of the Future

In the blog entry of New Geography (http://www.newgeography.com/content/001601-the-suburban-exodus-are-we-there-yet )the authors poses an interesting argument that the suburbs will be the new slums of the future, based on some interesting statistics. However, in shrinking cities, if we take the example of Detroit, are not the suburbs turning into stand-alone cities (which may have already occurred) while the urban core is deteriorating and transforming to become a part of a set of agglomerations? Perhaps, the future is regional and not 'wringing our hands" on the demise of this once vibrant city or any city which is in chronic decline. In other words, should we not "read the final rites" for these cities and go out to transform them into much smaller versions. We can grieve for them in history books.

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