29 May 2011

Spring Volume of Urbana: Urban Affairs and Public Policy has been Posted

The spring volume of Urbana: Urban Affairs and Public Policy has been posted: http://www.tamuk.edu/geo/urbana/spring2011/ .
This volume, as previous ones, includes quality articles related to the diverse nature of urbanism covering such topics as exurbanization, images of Hispanic urban migrants to the U.S. and democracy in local government in Brazil, with a focus on São Paulo. We think that those interested in urbanism will find these articles informative and intriguing in their outlooks.

We are soliciting manuscripts for the fall volume and would welcome any academic manuscript related to urbanism. Please submit your manuscript to michaelamcadams@yahoo.com .

Be looking for a redesign of Urbana in the coming months, as we enter the second decade of publishing on-line and open access. A new addition to the site can be found in the Past Volumes section, which now contains scanned volumes before it was published on line, found at: http://www.tamuk.edu/geo/urbana/Past_Volumes_2011.htm .

Selected articles from past volumes will soon be published as an urban reader under the title, Perspectives on Urbanism: An Interdisciplinary Reader by The Edwin Mellen Press (http://www.mellenpress.com/ ). The editors of this reader is: Michael A. McAdams, Jesús A. Treviño Cantú, and Ivani Vassoler-Froelich. The anticipated date for its release is August 2011. This could be a good supplement if you teach courses in urbanism and should be available for inclusion in your course in the coming fall 2011 semester.

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