19 November 2011

taking back or ‘occupying' our cities starts with the individual

This is a revolution that is individual and personal. On all accounts, the 99% in the U.S. have fallen victim to the environment that the plutocracy has created. They are the: unemployed; under-employed;  families struggling with mortgages; homeless; older persons experiencing employment discrimination; the youth of American being forced into the military due to economic necessity and often coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan disabled mentally or physically and  often unable to find a job; small retailers who are losing their business because of 'big-box' stores; retirees losing or seeing their pensions falling a significant amount of money;  .... .  In Mexican Spanish dialect, the poor are referred to as los marginales (the marginal), not los pobres (the poor)  This distinction is one which means that those who are poor are not only economically deprived but have been pushed to the margins, ignored by society and the government.  They have no voice. In the U.S., not only have the poor been marginalized by the plutocracy, but so have the Middle Class which is shrinking with many entering the ranks of the impoverished daily. The 99%  in the world can now see that they have become marginalized economically and politically.  The global economic crisis has opened up all of our eyes.  The plutocracy does not value individuals except as their tools to acquire further wealth. Each in our own way must take back our city, our state, our nation and our world.  There is no hope that our government at any level or our present political parties have any interest of engaging in anything that will improve the lot of the majority. All austerity measures and financial manipulations by the plutocracy are means to keep the System going so that they can continue to exploit the masses and natural resources. There is little doubt that austerity cuts will mean more unemployment, less taxes due to decreased consumer spending (the unemployed can't afford, new cars, homes), stagnant wages  and will plunge the world into another recession.   If you expect the U.S. Congress to miraculously come together to develop both cuts and tax increases and eliminating loop holes for the wealthy, create jobs and lead us to a sustainable world, you are deluded.  The change in this poisoned environment with not come from it creators, but from the 99%. Everyone must consider what s/he can do to help the Occupy Movement even in small ways.

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