19 January 2012

A New Blog

I finally decided that it was appropriate for a new blog, just for my political comments, You can count me out (in) .  Oh no not another blog, Mr Bill.

Previously, I was using my this blog , The Chaotic, Fractal and Complex City for political comments. I have realized that some of my discussions were over powering the original intent of this blog. Also, I wanted a more 'fuzzy' blog so I could make broader political comments.  

The title of the blog, You can count me out (in)., is a lyric from the Beatles song "Revolution 1" from the White Album conveying John Lennon's' reluctance to be considered part of dogmatic revolutionary movements. The whole song conveys my feeling about some of the current political movements, so I thought it was appropriate for a title of my blog.

So drop by my new blog, join as a follower, make comments, become a guest blogger.

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