12 February 2012

Some questions about fractal formation in urban areas

I have been pondering some questions in the last couple of months about fractals in urban morphology: 1) Are there certain basic formulas that result in one or another type of fractal; 2) Are the fractal rules that form urban like fractals that are indicative of sustainable or unsustainable growth patterns in urbanizing areas.?;  3) Can urban development policy be translated to rules and subsequently be modeled in a real world scenario?; and 4) What are further delineations that can be made in fractal dimensions of urban areas?.  At this point, these are strictly musings and are naturally nebulous, as I have not delved further into them.  However, it seems that both of these topics are important, but are not being addressed by researchers in the field of fractal analysis of urbanization.  I would like to briefly touch on these points and at a later unknown date, go back to them in my blog and develop a paper around them. These issues may seem technical and dry on the surface, but have possible impact on urban policy and planning.

Comments on these question are appreciated. I will post all that are consistent with the topic .

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