17 September 2012

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Is your business or organisation involved with urban issues such as urban planning, sustainable development, urban/regional economic development, local government administration, urban transportation planning, public transportation, urban oriented spatial technologies or other services that revolve around urban areas?

  Consider being a sponsor of this blog.

My blog entries are provocative, timely and ‘go beyond the pale.’   All posts are original, not spun versions of entries on related webpages or blogs.

The audience for this blog is varied: urban planners, academicans, photgraphers, writers and the general public. It is for those who view the city as more than a collection of building and people and see an underlying sub-text and deconstruct urbanism to see a deeper meaning.

I can offer a $10 per day rate per blog to place your logo and a link to your company. A weekly discount of $50 per week per blog can be applied if you pay by the week.  Monthly rates are $200 with one blog entry per month highlighting your company or organizations activities. Annual rates are negotiable.  No contracts are required.  

Payments can be made via PayPal to, iwritepapers@yahoo.com 

For further information, please contact me at michaelamcadams@yahoo.com

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