29 December 2009

Complexity Theory Link and Brief Discusson on Future Blog Entries.

While researching for literature on the “embedded” or “embodied” mind, I stumbled upon a blog that discusses the subject(http://heroesnotzombies.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/supersizing-the-mind-andy-clark/) as well as complexity science/theory (http://heroesnotzombies.wordpress.com/complex-adaptive-systems/ ). I thought that these blog entries presented a good summary of both these tenets. For my view on complexity theory, go to http://www.tamuk.edu/geo/urbana/spring2008/mcadams.pdf .
In this article, I also list and describe the basic elements of complexity science/theory. I am finding that there are many authors that are incorporating complexity theory as an umbrella for their understanding of their field. Complexity theory is at the forefront of what I believe is a paradigm shift from the cosmology of modernism.

For those interested in my development or expansion of my thoughts on complexity theory, I am contemplating the linking of the concept of agents with that of the embedded/embodied mind. Being that the concepts of urban agents and environment are crucial to my theory, the inclusion of the embedded mind should be a major alteration, giving new insights to the urban decision-making process.

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