05 January 2010

Issues on the Emedded/Embodied Mind, Complexity and Urban Planning

In this blog section, I would like to start to develop a metaphorical link between the embedded or embodied mind and complexity theory. Some of my questions are:
1.What is the embedded or embodied mind?
2.Does the metaphorical context of complexity integrate with the embedded/embodied mind?
3.Can the embodied mind concept combined with the application of complexity theory aid in our understanding of urban areas and urban planning?

At the present time, I am in the process of exploring the provocative works of Andy Clark on this subject. An interesting review of Clark's book, Being There: Putting Brain, Body and World Together Again , is one by Gerard O’Brien entitled “The Mind: Embodied, Embedded, but not Extended” (Metascience 7:78-83 (1998)) and found on line at: http://cogprints.org/1451/0/Commentary_on_Clark_Being_There.pdf
If you of aware of other interesting research on the embedded mind, please contact me.
I am also in debt to my friend and colleague Dr. Vassil Anastassov, who is presently doing research on the embedded mind and language, for introducing me to these concepts.

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