22 November 2011

Make Black Friday a Black Friday for ‘big box’ department stores, credit card companies and national banks

Protest consumerism by boycotting ‘big box’ stores, only buy necessities if need be from them, buy in local businesses and thrift shops on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgivings. ) Say thanks to the plutocracy for giving us the opportunity to be your economic slaves.   Protest the minimum wages without benefits of the workers that are forced to work on Black Friday. In addition, tear up your credit cards.  Also (if you haven’t already) transfer your money to a credit union or local bank.  Vote with your pocket books. Send a message to the plutocracy that U.S. public wants fair wages, the end of income disparity, good benefits (if not universal health care for all workers, and outsourcing stopped. As mentioned before, there are small ways to support the Occupy Movement. Ultimately, this is to signal to the One Percent that the Ninety-Nine Percent have the power and your days are numbered  in being able to control our economy and our political system for you own benefit. Here is one example that will hurt the multi-nationals on a day when a great deal of profit is generated for them, not their workers. This call is nothing new, in fact it is called Buy Nothing Day (BND) has been a movement for several years, but now it has a new meaning with the Occupy Movement (see http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd .)  So why stand in line like consumer zombies, break the bonds that the plutocracy have placed on the One Percent.

Referring back to the earlier blog on transition for the Occupy Movement, I found this excellent article by Trevor Malkinson located on  Beams and Struts titled ‘The Occupy Movement and the Participatory Transition’ (http://www.beamsandstruts.com/bits-a-pieces/item/654-the-occupy-movement-and-the-new-participatory-fellowship . ) The article states that transforming the movement forward is a natural phase. The author states that not only the Occupy Movement is protest, but in its actions have been setting up the prototype for a participatory, cooperative, inclusive, moral and civil society.

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