29 November 2011

Black Friday was a success?

According to the preliminary estimates, spending on Black Friday was up. Somehow, this is good news by the media, but actually is covering up the very sad state of  most Americans.

On Black Friday, shoppers mobbed stores in a frenzy buying the 'bargains' offered by stores, particularly the 'big box' stores. Americans demonstrated that they were still addicted to the consumerism handed to them by the marketing firms representing the large corporations. There was one case where a woman pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers to get to some cheap waffle makers. My compliments to this woman for showing what has become the hallmark of the Christmas... greed and uber consumerism. Uber consumerism is the desire for useless items for the sake of buying. (see http://wealthartisan.com/2010/04/07/uber-consumerism-explained/ .)  No amount of  goods satisfies those who have been drawn in by the myth created by the One Percent. It is an addiction that can never be satisfied leading a person to accumulate an increasing amount of credit.

Americans are apparently oblivious  that they are giving money to the same corporations that have: laid them off, made them go into more debt to live the myth of the American Dream, handed over the majority of the profits to the corporate executives while paid the majority of workers a fraction of the wages that they deserve, and outsourced American jobs. 

Furthermore, Americans should have had compassion for the non-unionized, part-time workers who were forced to work on the Thanksgiving holidays so the corporations could get richer.  If any thought that were helping them keep their jobs by shopping on Black Friday? This is not likely as as they will receive little over-time, if any.  The 'drug' of consumerism has made the American populus blind to the plight of others.

The increase of profits on Black Friday still does not hide the bleak reality in the U.S: unemployment, homelessness, under-employment, stagnant wages, mortgage payments exceeding market value and strangling credit card debt.  If shoppers are spending more, it was only on Black Friday, and will not and cannot continue on during the holiday season. Where is the money coming from? The media controlled by the One Percent failed to notice this. The message was 'see .. it is getting better.. things are returning to normal... The Occupy Movement is a group that is of little consequence and powerless to tinfluence the masses."  In other words, the One Percent is giving an message subliminally to the public, "You are our slaves. . Nothing can pull us from the grip we have on you." 

There is not too much rejoicing in ‘Whoville’ this Christmas.  The Grinch (Wall Street) has apparently stolen Christmas for many (if you consider Christmas as the celebration of consumerism, which it has become)  However, it is hoped that many will celebrate Christmas, by not going into debt, giving money to the One Percent and giving simple gifts and enjoying being with family and friends. Most of all, it is hoped that Americans will remember that this is the time to give to ones that are less fortunate,  and contemplate on how they as individuals can bring Peace to the Earth, not conflict.  As the citizens of  Dr. Seuss's Whoville showed the Grinch that Christmas was more that consumerism,  the 99% in America can show the 1% that they know the real message of Christmas.

Unfortunately, the One Percent only is looking at how much profits that they will make on the consumer and economic slaves that they have created.  You can be assured that they have not one small bit of remorse for this situation that they have created for the global population. 

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