30 November 2011

many are waiting for their lives to begin again

Many people in the US and around the world have realized that their lives has been taken away by the minority, who continue to use them and get richer.  The unemployment in the US has endured for an extended period that many have run out of unemployment insurance and are now homeless. Those that are still receiving unemployment benefits beyond the normal period could see their unemployment benefits run out in 1 January 2012.  This will mean that those going into poverty will increase an d homelessness would likewise increase.  There are more homeless families that ever before. Yet they are coping with the plight that has been handed to them by the One Percent.
Many in the world have adopted the principles that the US were first to promote: Freedom of Speech, Right to Address Grievances, Equality under the law, the Rule of Law (civil society), a military under the control of the people, ability to better one’s  economic state without being hampered by an elite, and the ability to change things for the betterment of all.  Unfortunately, the One Percent have perverted all these principles in the US and the world.

The population of the world is trying to take back their lives and the freedoms that have been stolen by the elites.  The elites are not going to give their control up easily as the wealth that they have accumulated has made them addicted to excess and control.  In the process they not only have destroyed the global economy, but have destroyed the environment and created a dependence on fossil fuels.  Creating a sustainable environment is a necessity and the only way to prevent complete disaster. Likewise, creating a more equitable world is  not a ‘pipe dream’ but is absolutely essential.  The challage is  how are we going to achieve this. 

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