02 December 2011

Democracy hijacked by the One Percent

Democracies around the world have been hijacked by the One Percent. Likewise those without democracies are controlled by the non-elected oligarchies, inflicting their will on their population. This minority has no interest in the welfare of the Ninety-Nine Percent. It is clear that but they only want to make themselves richer and make economic slaves and pawns of the vast majority in  globe. However, their slaves are now ‘awake’ and realize that something has to change.  The One Percent is using ever method to suppress this spontaneous and leaderless revolution. But, the more that they suppress, the more the movement grows. They are oblivious to the changing world, like the royality of France before the French Revolution.)  The One Percent are overseeing and furthering the decline of an unsustainable world which inevitably must evolve into one that is sustainable giving way to a greater voice to the majority and more share of the wealth that is being generated. Unfortunately, they will cause more destruction before their ‘reign of terror’ ceases.

Most developed countries are based on representative democracy, which was born in the minds of the Bourgeoisie elite in the 1700s. in England and France.  An underlying tenet of representative democracy is that the masses need to be represented as they are not capable of making decisions. The elite in the US have have perpetuated the myth that that anyone can run for political office. Likewise, they have brain washed the US population to believe that anyone can become rich by hard work, when it quite apparent that most of the wealth is inherited and often acquired through deceptive means.  In democracies in the developed world, particularly in the U.S., the ability to enter the political arena on the national scale has been dictated by the amount of funding that can be raised.  The funding has increasingly come from not the public, but from special interest groups, corporations and wealthy individuals.  It is implicit that these parties are buying the politicians to serve their needs.  Can one really think that these organizations are supporting the candidates because they believe that they will be good leaders for the good of the people? Who do you think they will favor, the public or their benefactors, the One Percent.?

Now, one can state that the same One Percent has also bought the U.S. Supreme Court who now has ruled that corporations are people, deserve free speech and the freedom to contribute limitless amounts into campaign funding.  To many this is the indication that the One Percent has completely hijacked the political system of the US and made it their vassal.  To many the Supreme Court represented a group of individuals above politics that protected the people from abuses of ill devised legislation and defended the US Constitution.

An impediment has also been added by the ‘winner take all’  system of voting in the US which has been the chief proponent in creating a two-party system, which has dominated US since the creating of the US Constitution as the primary guiding document for democracy in the US.  There has never been a lasting third party in the US.  If a third party emerges it either replaces one of the two parties or its concepts are adopted by one of the existing dominant parties.

With the chaos that is now encompassing the globe, many are looking not at the present political system to solve the problems but are experimenting and considering altering the nature of of democracy.  The ideas of participatory collaborative and direct democracy are being promoted by those perceiving that representative democracy is wholly controlled by the One Percent.  What is also being challenged is the inadequacy of the nation-state and international organizations to address the economic, political and environmental problems.  

In the process of researching this topic over the Internet, I found some interesting sites:
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