08 December 2011

Daily reminders that the One Percent controls your life

Presently, there is a global political focus on the control of the One Percent over the Ninety-Nine   This is not conjecture or something that it is open for debate, as it has been proven through facts and intrinsically woven in all aspects of existence for all global citizens.

Everyone (unless you are a member of the One Percent) can think of  daily activities  that make you aware that this minority controls everything. 

If you are shopping at Wal-Mart, you are always reminded that the goods you are buying are not made in the U.S.  Also, if you are shopping at Wal-Mart, you realize that there is now no alternative in many small town or suburban areas, because the One Percent has destroyed the local merchants.

When you are buying fuel for your vehicle, you notice that the prices are flocculating and are aware that you are financing the speculators in the One Percent who are causing the price to rise and fall by small amounts to increase their bank accounts, which they use to speculate more and make even more money.

You may be working extra hours due to the tight job market or working a part-time job much below your skills aware that if you quit that they will be not be another job that will pay as well, or you will be on delayed employment.

When you go grocery shopping, you notice that the prices are increasing, but your wages are not and know that you are being ‘taxed’ by the One Percent to further their aims.

You may go to the doctor and pay for over-priced services because the doctors (also part of the One Percent) are linked to corrupted insurance and pharmaceutical companies or bilking Medicade/Medicare and overcharge to maintain their lavish lifestyle.  If you don’t have insurance, it is because the One Percent took away your job with benefits so you could be unemployed or working in part-time jobs without insurance.

These are daily reminders that the One Percent have completely taken over the global economic system and your life for their benefit-- increasing their wealth, while you are left with the 'crumbs.'.   Their (the One Percent) plan if We (the Ninety-Nine Percent) do not stop them, is  to: solidify their control over politicians, increase the number of monopolies, further degrade the environment; ship more jobs to developing countries; maintain our dependency on fossil fuels; eliminate any labor opposition; increase their wealth,  and create a permanent underclass by chaining the public to credit instead of offering higher wages, keeping a high unemployment rate and increasing the number of low paying jobs. This is the last gasp of a system which is corrupt. 

 We (the Ninety-Nine Percent) in the United States know that the established political and economic worldview is dying, being completely unsustainable and becoming anachronistic. We mourn the  passing of liberal democracy because it once offered equality under the law, because it once meant that citizens voices were heard, and most of all, because it once gave us hope. We also mourn the passing of capitalism because it once offered the means to get ahead if you worked hard, because it once offered the hope of increased prosperity, because it once meant that you could afford a home without going into tremendous debt, because it once meant that if your if you worked hard for a company you would have a good retirement, and that you could start a small business and see it grow.

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